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Multimedia Language Service Solution Provider


Chennai Publishing Services, a provider of end-to-end publishing solutions, has been gaining momentum in terms of business volume and employee count ever since its foundation in 2008. Besides specializing in Science, Technology, and Medicine (STM), we handle other subject areas as well, offering high-quality editing and typesetting services to publishers and academia.

Our businesses involve film and television, animation, advertising, games, education, cultural and creative products, AI, video games, exhibitions, recreation facilities, and so forth.

Pictures of Our Recording Studio

Our recording studio is equipped with professional sound cards, microphones and stereos required in recording, editing and post- production, which can efficiently deliver high-quality audio-visual products and first-class soundsfor films and televisions, animations, advertising films, music and otherspecial projects.

Hardware Equipment in the Studio

A soundproof double door system in line with international standards, providing professional acoustic insulation; Advanced digital audio workstations like PROTOOLS, CUBASE, SAMPLITU, etc.;

Professional audio devices includingmicrophoneNEUMANN U8/, microphone amplifier BAE10/3,sound card RME FIREFACE UFX II, monitor controller PRESONUS MONITOR STATION V2, midi controller ICON Qcon ProX, monitor headphone SONY MDR-CD900ST and monitorspeaker YAMAHA HS8.

Film and Television Translation

CPS Translation provides translation of over 200 languagesfor films and televisions worldwide. With years of experience in multi-media production, we can provide a complete set of solutions to film and television translation.

Subtitle processing: We have professional caption generators and subtitle processing softwares, which enable professional timeline setting and synchronization of source language and target language as well as Karaoke subtitling and proofreading,so we can meet customers’ various demands.

Video editing and post-production: We provide clients with video editing, format conversion and other production services using a professional Dvstorm non-editing system. Customers can obtain playable video files with bilingual subtitles as long as only original files or video tapes are provided.


Film and TV Works

Animation Works

Voice acting

With domestic and foreign first-rank dubbing resources (including voice actors skilled in dialect and ethnic languages), and partnership with professional language service providers and sound directors around the world, we can produce sound works satisfactory for local audiences, demonstrates the diversified roles in the film, and brings new life to these roles. We can meet customers' all language and voice needs.

Domestic dubbing resources: Our multi-level dubbing teams, consisting of 1000+ dubbing actors of different styles from famous hosts in TV and radio stations to dubbing experts on the Internet, can guarantee good voice works. In addition, we can also deliver dubbing works in Cantonese, Shanghai, Sichuan, Northeast, and Shanxi dialects.

Foreign dubbing resources: We have cooperated with professional language partners and dubbing directors around the world for years and maintained long-term partnerships with 50+ language studios worldwide to share dubbing resources in almost 200+ languages.

Music, Sound Effect and Foley

In terms of music production, we boast a professional creative team and engineering team composed of experienced senior composers, arrangers, lyricists and other production crew. With the aid of industrial-grade recording systems and hardware equipment as well as the latest audio mixing technology, they can work to deliver unparalleled sound products. We can provide clientswith first-class music creation and production,sound effects and foley services relating to advertising, film BGM, games and so on.