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Software Development

At Chennai Publishing Services, we believe that custom software development is critical since it allows you to address your specific needs in a cost-effective manner.

Designing, developing, deploying, and supporting software for a specified set of users and functions for an organization is known as customized software development.

This procedure focuses on a modest number of needs. COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) software, on the other hand, is targeted towards a broad range of conditions, allowing it to be packaged, commercially sold, and distributed.

Customized software development dervices allows you to develop software that is unique to you.

Web App Development

Frond End
ReactJS  |  Angular | Ionic  |  ROR
Back End
NodeJS  |   Java  |  PHP   | .Net   | Python
Software Application Development

The process of developing a computer software or a set of programmes to accomplish the many functions that a business requires is known as application development. Applications help organizations automate operations and boost productivity by doing everything from calculating monthly budgets to arranging sales reports. Gathering requirements, designing prototypes, testing, implementation, and integration are all processes in the app development process.

Web Design & Development

The process of constructing a website is referred to as "web design and development."It entails two main skill sets: web design and web development, as the name suggests.The look and feel of a website is determined by web design, and the functionality is determined by web development.

Mobile Application Development

The act or process of creating a mobile app for a mobile device, such as a personal digital assistant, business digital assistant, or mobile phone, is known as mobile app development.These software programmers are created to function on portable electronics like smartphones and tablets.

IT infrastructure

A broad definition of information technology infrastructure is a collection of IT elements that constitute the basis of an IT service; these elements might be both physical and software or network-related.

IT consulting

IT consultants are mostly hired to assess and then resolve a company's key technological issues. Based on their findings, they advise businesses to upgrade their software or hardware.

Data Migration

In the context of enterprise applications, database migration refers to the transfer of data from one platform to another. There are a variety of reasons why you might desire to switch platforms. A corporation might, for example, seek to save money by switching to a cloud-based database. Alternatively, a business may discover that some database software includes functions that are vital to their operations. Alternatively, the legacy systems may simply be obsolete. Database migration can be broken down into several phases and iterations, including reviewing present databases and future business needs, transferring the schema, and normalizing and relocating data. In addition, there will be testing, testing, and more testing.