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Fixed Layout ePub

Fixed layout is mainly used for books wherein the layout is an important part of the presentation of the content. Fixed layouts are perfect for cookbooks, travel books, photography books, and particularly children’s books and some textbooks.

A fixed-layout ePub eBook has a pixel-specific page size that you can use to precisely control the layout of the text, images, tables, and other objects on the pages. The fixed-layout ePub allows to embed fonts, choose particular text sizes, and position images precisely.

The facilities in the fixed layout are:

  • It allows us to have a two-page spread in which a single image spans both the pages.
  • It helps us to zoom the text as well as images in the eBook reader — just like zooming a picture.
  • It ensures text will not be reflowed and we just need to pan around to see the page.
  • It allows us to integrate audio option with the content which hence allows audio output of the content with simultaneous highlights wherever applicable.