CPS established in 2008

Over 8 years industry experience

In depth process knowledge

Right destination to all your
Publishing Needs

Commercially realistic & cost effective
services @ your economics


We are a professional typesetting, copy editing and project management company based in Chennai, India. With the ability to handle all subject areas, we specialize in mathematical, scientific and technical material, offering high-quality editing and typesetting services to publishers and learned societies. We are specialists in project management and, with our highly trained staff, we are able to offer an end-to-end publishing solution services.


To be a global leader at the cutting edge of online publishing and content transformation services business by applying best industry practices, anticipating upcoming needs and requirements of customers and offering excellent quality services that are cost effective, using open-source applications wherever possible.

  1. Become an integral part of customer's business to offer solutions matching their exact needs
  2. Create and excel using innovative processes and technologies in all market segments that we serve
  3. Deploy open source systems / applications to remain cost effective
  4. Commit to high-quality services on time and every time
  5. Train and develop our employees on a continuous basis and add value to their skills
  6. Foster trust and bonding between the employees and the organization
  7. Ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer's content (data) by deploying IT infrastructure and practices in accordance with international standards